Classic Car Insurance

Classic Car Insurance

Do you own a 1980 Chevrolet Corvette, 1967 Ford Mustang, a 1975 Volkswagen, or any other classic car? Then you must do everything possible to protect your valuable asset and ensure the many years of maximum fun and enjoyment in Texas. However, when it comes to protecting your classic car, you need to do more than just cleaning and maintaining it. You need a classic car insurance policy from J1 Insurance Agency LLC which will protect it from unforeseen risks.

With a conventional auto insurance policy, your car is usually covered only up to its actual value which is equivalent to the replacement cost less depreciation. However, our classic car insurance is different since we cover your vintage vehicle for an agreed value that is mutually agreeable between you and us. We understand the fact that classic cars tend to appreciate in value, especially if they are well-maintained and stored, and that is why we are ready to do anything possible to safeguard your asset.

Guaranteed Value Coverage

As long as you have covered total loss, then you can be sure that you will receive every single cent of your classic car's insured value when the unexpected happens. No depreciation and messing around. Just tell us the value of your classic car at the time you come for your insurance policy, and then we will agree on a reasonable total payout amount, and you are good to go. This sounds easy enough, right? We are here to protect your classic car and ensure that you enjoy many years of fun and fulfillment.

Original Replacement Parts Coverage

We also offer original replacement parts coverage that will ensure you enjoy your ride the way you want. If you have a claim, J1 Insurance Agency LLC will offer original classic car parts when possible. We also have specialists who will hunt down the hard-to-find and rare spare parts on your behalf. And the good news is that our original replacement parts coverage is automatically included in your classic car coverage.

Do you own a classic car in Texas? Contact us today for your classic car insurance policy.