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Home Insurance

Home Insurance

Texas is committed to the regulation of the insurance industry. The Texas Department of Insurance has a significant interest in protecting consumers. J1 Insurance Agency LLC agents are trained to maintain the highest standards which comply with the Texas Department of Insurance through and its Consumer Bill of Rights for homeowners and renters.

The insurance industry has created eight types of homeowners insurance policies, three of which specifically cover homeowners insurance:

  • HO1 - Basic Form Homeowner Policy which covers against eleven perils such as glass breakage, volcanic eruption, theft, vandalism, windstorm, fire, civil commotion, smoke, damage from vehicles, and personal liability.
  • HO2 - Broad Form Homeowner Policy which includes the eleven perils and any damage caused by falling objects, the weight of ice, water discharge freezing, and current which is artificially generated.
  • HO3 - Is a Special Form Homeowners Policy considered as an "all risk" policy. This means that HO3 covers everything except exclusions that are listed in the policy, such as earthquakes and flooding.

Texas insurance policies require specific coverage such as covering a home that is critically damaged, any attached structures such as fences, sheds or garages, any personal property, such as appliances, clothing or furniture in the house which are stolen or damaged.

Policies should also cover any living expenses, medical expenses, or any personal liability. A policy could include as little as $500 or up to $5,000 for medical expenses. These numbers could be different for various policies and situations. The policy could cover for a specified period of loss if you are forced to move. Any legal defense expenses are paid if a person is injured in your home, assuming you are legally responsible for this person's injury.

Texas home insurance policies may exclude certain types of damages such as earthquakes, mice, insects, termites, floods, chronic water damage, and certain natural disasters. Endorsements will provide additional coverage.

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