Other Insurance

Other Insurance

At J1 Insurance Agency LLC, we understand the value of insurance in our life. We are some of the leading insurance providers in Texas and the surrounding areas. We value our clients and always strive to offer the best service possible. Apart from home, classic car, and commercial insurance policies, we also underwrite the following policies:

Farm & Ranch Insurance

Over the years, we have recognized the unique insurance needs of farmers and ranchers, and designed a farm and ranch insurance policy to provide them with maximum protection. It doesn't matter whether you are a small-scale farmer or a large scale farmer; our insurance policy is always tailored to help you meet your unique insurance needs. We cover all of your personal farm property such as grain, farm machinery, and farm equipment. Our policy is also tailored to cover all farm buildings or any other structures that you wish to insure. Our farm and ranch insurance policy also offers general liability coverage.

Pet Insurance

At J1 Insurance Agency LLC, we value you and all of your family members. That is why we offer you a client-friendly pet insurance policy to help protect your pets from unforeseen risks. Our pet insurance will cover the cost of veterinary treatment in case your pet falls sick or is injured in an accident. We shall also reimburse you for the costs of major and minor illness such as arthritis, cancer, UTIs, allergies, and digestive problems. We shall also pay you if your pet dies. We also cover chronic conditions such as allergies, cancer, and diabetes.

Livestock Insurance

Our livestock insurance is designed to help farmers in Texas protect their livestock in the event of an accident or illness. Keep in mind that having the right coverage for your farm livestock is always critical. We offer individual, blanket, and herd coverage depending on your needs. Our individual coverage covers higher-value animals on an individual basis while our blanket coverage allows you to insure all of you farm animals and property at a predetermined value. Our herd coverage allows you to insure a specified number of animals on your farm.

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