Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance

Renters insurance does more than cover your belongings in case of theft or fire. Choosing the correct policy can protect you from lawsuits, help replace your property in the case of disaster, and pay for housing if you should need to vacate your home temporarily.

At J1 Insurance Agency LLC, we offer renters insurance policies that include these three forms of coverage:

Personal Liability

Texas law allows landlords to require you to have personal liability insurance. This protects the tenant in the case there is damage caused to the property and gives the landlord peace of mind that the renter will be able to pay for the repair.

Personal liability also covers the renter in cases of accidental injuries that take place on the property.

Personal Property

As a renter, your landlord is not responsible for damage to your property. Renters insurance covers the objects inside your home up to a dollar amount that is based on the policy you choose. Some policies will pay out the replacement costs for your items while others insure for actual cash value or how much the item was worth at the time it was damaged.

Note: Valuables, like jewelry and computers, are not included in personal property coverage. Separate policies are available for these items.

Loss of Use

Landlords may ask tenants to vacate the property temporarily so they can perform extensive repairs. Loss of use coverage pays part or all of the cost of food and housing expenses during this time.

These three coverage options are offered in two forms: named perils policies and all-risk policies. Named perils policies insure items for damage caused by specific events spelled out in the coverage while all-risk covers everything except for damages that are specifically excluded.

Our agents know the nuances of Texas renters insurance and will help you find the policy that best meets your renter's insurance needs. Stop by the J1 Insurance Agency office or give us a call today.